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Venus, the facts.

I gathered the following information for 'Venus, the facts' from the web. Credits: the first article comes from (click the link to view) and the second, which provides a step to step guide to identifying the planet, has been written by Douglas Christian Larsen for Ehow. Also included below are links to some other very informative sites. Enjoy!

How to Locate Venus in the Night Sky


By Douglas Christian Larsen, eHow Contributing Writer

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Locating the planet Venus in the night sky is usually not difficult. Venus is the closest planet to Earth, and it resides between the Earth and the sun. Therefore, after the moon, Venus is the brightest body in the night sky. Known as "the morning star" when seen just before sunrise in the eastern sky and "the evening star" when seen in the western sky at twilight, Venus is most easily seen during its cycles of moving farther away from the sun.

Things You'll Need:

· Clear night sky

· Binoculars

· Telescope

1. Step1

Situate yourself in a dark location with an open view of the night sky, preferably away from city illumination.

2. Step2

Depending on the time of day you are viewing the sky, you will view either the western or eastern horizon. Since Venus is closer to the sun than is Earth, it helps to imagine that Venus is following the sun; so in the evening, Venus is in the west following the setting sun, and in the morning, it's in the east running ahead of the sun.

3. Step3

In the evening, Venus should be visible in the western sky for approximately 3 hours after sunset. Toward morning, Venus should be visible in the eastern sky for approximately 3 hours before sunrise.

4. Step4

Venus will always appear brighter than any other star or planet. Once Venus is located with the naked eye, the planet may be viewed through either powerful binoculars or a telescope. Seen through a telescope, Venus may be seen in phases, similar to the moon (from full to crescent), depending on its position in relation to the sun.

5. Step5

Venus will also appear brighter, and larger, when closer to Earth.


Astronomy Central


  1. Hi Lesley, what a fascinating post, unfortunately I'm subject to city illumination but my parents live in the country and get some beautiful clear skies, next time I stay with them I'll take the binoculars and enjoy a Venus hunt!!
    Having fun catching up with everyone after being offline for far too long! Anne x

  2. Great information, thanks Lesley. Just need to get out of the town now!It is wonderful the diversity of interests and information you find on your contacts blog.

  3. Thanks for the info.

    Your top photo looks almost like inkblots that have blead on dark blotting paper. Such lovely photographs.

  4. Hello Lesley. It's been ages since I was able to visit blogs as our dear computer crashed and this one is so very slow. off for a catch up now. Gorgeous moon images xx

  5. CeterusParibus19 May 2010 at 16:31

    liking the sickle moon & Venus ..

  6. Love it!! Absolutely fasinating!!

    C x

  7. Hello everyone and thanks for commenting. There won't be any photos tonight sadly as it's very, very misty or 'as thick as a bag'. Better weather for tomorrow hopefully. x

  8. Very interesting, my son is obsessed with stars and planets so we will be looking out for it,
    M x

  9. Rather a lot of sky pollution here, but when Venus is low in the morning sky, then we can see her (providing there isn't cloud cover, of course!!) I used to love watching stars where we lived before, no street lights there, and now I can't get my neck in a comfortable position anyway. Ah, the trials of old age!!! ;)

  10. Hi Kayla and Gilly, hope all is well with you both. Still dull and misty in this corner of Cornwall. Not raining though, so I probably shouldn't complain! x


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