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Painting equals

Painting = fun, play, trepidation, release, balm, struggle, challenge, excitement, frustration, enlightenment, learning, compulsion, happiness.............. 'Rive the Wave' 2004 oil on board 'Lie of the Land 2007' watercolour/gouache on paper 'Northerly Gale' 2010 oil on board Painting is never dull or boring. Click to enlarge.  Copyright Lesley Ninnes.

A New Painting from Old

This most recent seascape is the result of reworking an abstract artwork.  The rich reds and oranges of the original have provided a vibrant underpainting and influenced my choice of warm shades for the sand and even the rocks.  The red/orange base can be seen where the wave breaks on shore.  Thick impasto was applied in main by knife. 'Rising Tide' image size 34 x 37 cm. Detail Detail Plus, the original frame was to hand - see various views below.  Framed dimensions:  51 x 54 cm. For sale soon, in Art Space Gallery probably.

Some new work for February 2011

Paintings in acrylic and oil on deep edge canvas, unframed.  Below is 'Low Tide & Headland' 46 x 61 cm. Detail Detail Detail 'Reef' 75 x 61 cm. Detail Detail Detail 'Lie of the Land 2011' diptych 92 x 61 cm. Detail Detail Detail Detail I've had fun producing these artworks, keeping everything clean and uncluttered while luxuriating in the use of colour and creating texture and alternating between opacity and transparency.  Click all images to enlarge.