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Jibby and Juna Etsy Treasury Sunrise Sunset

Printmaking Workshop

A week ago today I attended a printmaking workshop run by Michele Wright and Jane Ashdown, at the Porthmeor Printmakers studio above the Penwith Gallery in Back Road West, St Ives.
We 'novices' started off experimenting with intaglio techniques, using engraving tools on flexible, glossy faced card. The fine lines in my first attempt below (hmm, pears again) were created using sandpaper whereas the black areas were created by drawing an outline with one of the tools and then tearing away the top layer of card allowing the under layer to absorb a large quantity of ink. See the bird and the solid black contour on the left side of the pear.
Yesterday (Friday) I applied finishing touches using pen and ink to create cleaner lines and enhance contrasts. To produce this second print I cut and tore more of the card 'plate' - a little too enthusiastically - and later worked into it with pen and ink and collaged a small area to improve the right hand pear shape.This next plate bel…

Evening Seascapes

Three new mounted seascapes on primed board. Click to enlarge. Hope you like them. I'm off to read some blogs! x

'Pink Sky and Headland' mounted size, 61 x 41.5 cm.  SOLD

'A Fine Evening Sea & Sky' oil on board, mounted size 32.5 x 55.5 cm.  SOLD

'A Fine Evening Sea' oil on board, mounted size 32.5 x 55.5 cm.  SOLD

Rock Pool

Here's an example of one sort of frame that's suitable for the board paintings featured on 'Picture from St Ives'.

Miss Jane

Several comments made on older posts by Sea Blue Sky Abstracts have been made by 'Miss Jane' - all of which (hopefully) I've removed. Miss Jane based in Taiwan, according to her profile, is the front for a sad spammer - which I'd suspected anyway when the only word to appear in English was 'sex' and confirmed when Google enabled translation before speedy deletions ensued! Because of this I have introduced comment moderation on posts that are over 14 days old and apologise is this causes inconvenience.

Venus, the facts.

I gathered the following information for 'Venus, the facts' from the web. Credits: the first article comes from (click the link to view) and the second, which provides a step to step guide to identifying the planet, has been written by Douglas Christian Larsen for Ehow. Also included below are links to some other very informative sites. Enjoy!
How to Locate Venus in the Night SkyContributorByDouglas Christian Larsen,eHow Contributing WriterArticle Rating:

Moon: Yes, Venus: Yes, Bat: No!

Another beautiful night sky that I just could not resist photographing. Yesterday evening (Sunday) there was not a cloud or a bat to be seen when these photos were taken, at around 10.30 pm.

Click to enlarge.

May painting

'Dark Winter Sea' 20.5 x 9.5 cm. SOLD

Riverford Pears

Another painting from life, this time the pears that arrived in the Riverford organic box! I'm uncertain what variety they are - 'Williams' pears, perhaps - but love their craggy forms and the symmetry of the negative spaces between them. The pears turned a beautiful shade of yellow eventually. They tasted delicious and were very juicy! Click to enlarge. 'Riverford Pears' oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm/12" x 12".