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Dialogue with the dog

What? What is it? I was having a lovely dream - do I have to wake up! You want to take a photo because the 'two little angels' are missing me? Well, I'm flattered of course and I miss them too - I'm not getting nearly as many treats and there's no one to make a fuss of me! The big eyed look always works. This'll make them go 'aaahhhhh................. More? Now that's it - you've got plenty to choose from. We'll finish with a profile shot. No, I'm not going to say cheese! Hope they'll be pleased. And no, the weather is not that good here right now- this pic was taken on a lovely, fine midsummer's evening.

Long ago summer colour

Here's another 'golden oldie' painted around a decade ago, I think, using watercolour and gouache on NOT or Cold Pressed - which is somewhere between supersmooth Hot Pressed and ROUGH - watercolour paper. The drawing was made on cartridge paper first, with lots of rubbing out and correcting of lines before being transferred using tracing paper onto the stretched watercolour paper. Flowers have always been a struggle to represent, whereas I love painting leaves and stems. Having said that, I am pleased with these cheerful red poppies! Have a great weekend everyone. x

Catching Up!

Having been a bit slow to post, again, I have included quite a few photos by way of compensation, starting with an unexpected gift from a return visitor to Art Space. Tomoko first called in at the gallery earlier in the year and came back a couple of weeks ago - with her daughter this time. She brought some art cards, including a view of Mount Fuji........ A blank canvas for me to paint..............(click the pic to view the Japanese script on the back of the postcards) And what do we have here? Wow! What a wonderful piece of material, measuring 44 x 41 inches, I'm bowled over by the design and colours. What to do with this gorgeous stuff? My preferred option is to get it hemmed for use as a tablecloth to be arranged diamond fashion over a plain white rectangular cloth on special occasions, like Christmas for example. Beautiful design, screen printed onto 100% cotton. Thank you Tomoko, it was great to meet you again, and your daughter. Interestingly, a little investiga

Wide Awake

I'm wide awake when I should be asleep, so now is as good a time as any to post! Yesterday's rain, and did it rain, non stop for hours - has been followed by a day of bright sunshine. Quite brisk and breezy, good for drying the washing though and warm in little spots out of the wind. Walking the dog at around 4pm and passing through one of those sheltered spots, I was delighted to see an absolutely perfect Red Admiral, flawless and richly coloured, with wings spread resting on a bramble and soaking up the sun - having surely just emerged from its crysalis. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera, so by way of compensation have included a small painting completed many years ago depicting a Red Admiral feeding on a fallen apple. Night, night.

Where has the time gone?

Yes, where has the time gone? Blogging in September - following, reading, commenting - yes, posting - no, not once! Life has been turbulent, personally and professionally, for weeks and weeks, so I'm hopeful that October brings a period of calm. Soothing and comforting, like the photos below taken on Porthmeor Beach today, at around 5.30 pm. There would have been more, but guess who forgot to charge the battery! That's not all, the best pic - which showed the leaden sky in the West also included an area of sunlit blue sky and blue water to the East - couldn't be included because of a badly sloping horizon. Does anyone know of a programme that can correct this? Using old photo editing software for my camera, it was possible to tilt and crop the image a little at a time until the horizon was straight (Fotostation Easy for Nikon) but it doesn't seem to be compatible with Vista. Any advice will be much appreciated. Talk again soon, Lesley x