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The Cornishman Blog Review

What a lovely surprise!  Thank you to  The Cornishman which featured Sea-Blue-Sky-Abstracts in last Thursday's edition (7 October 2010) Blog Review.  The newspaper has being reviewing Cornish blogs for quite some time now and the features always make interesting reading. Click the pictures to enlarge - and have a great weekend everyone. x

Away for too long

Nearly a month has passed since the last post on this blog - I had to look twice!  What's more, visiting everyone else's blog has fallen by the wayside too, something that will have to be rectified over the next week or so, as my inbox has never been so empty - I'm losing touch!! Life has been busy in more ways than one - ref the two artworks below.  They're both rendered in acrylic, acrylic texture medium and oil on primed wood - the last remnant of an old, second-hand wardrobe which saw service as a toy cupboard when the girls were young.  Not framed yet, they will be part of the 'December Light' exhibition at the Glass House Gallery , Penzance.  These paintings were started in the winter 2 years ago - the forthcoming exhibition providing the necessary spur to get them finished.    Above is 'High Road to Ludgvan' 70 x 36 cm. SOLD 'Sun & Frost 2010' 49 x 33 cm.   SOLD