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A few random thoughts

Rather a lame title, a cover for not really having much idea of what to blog about this evening. Workwise, I've almost completed the commission for Beverley - it's a view looking across St Ives Bay, with The Quay (Smeaton's Pier) on the left showing Godrevy Lighthouse in the distance. There's no photo yet. The support is a thin piece of wood from an old wardrobe, primed with 2 or 3 layers of gesso. Right at the beginning of this blog, when I first posted in mid March 2009, I mentioned spending a day a week at St Ives Ceramics, selling studio pottery - and have included this link today for Julie's benefit (see her quirky and individual work here ). I have bought in a small way, mainly pieces of domestic ware for myself and as gifts for family and friends, loving the combination of beauty and function. The photo shows soup/pasta bowls by Peter Swanson and a Kaori Tatebayashi plate. Was interested to note recently a new publication l

A Bit of Summer Silliness

Thanks to Carolyn at Love-Stitching-Red for tagging me - a first and I'm thrilled out of all proportion! So here goes, 'six silly things that make me happy' are: 1. Summer dog walks (smiling and feeling young - which I'm not). 2. Smelling roses in the gardens I pass. 3. Putting washing on the line and watching it 'set sail' against an endless blue sky. 4. Seasonal fruity desserts - syrupy stewed blackcurrants and frothy gooseberry fool. 5. Sipping ice-cold lager or Cava (Champagne too if I get the chance, of course)! 6. Witnessing the breathtaking clarity of a Western, summer evening sky. Now, who to tag? Probably should have decided this before starting the post. Some bloggers prefer to remain tag free, so please ignore this should I inadvertently tag YOU. And if you haven't been tagged and want to list your six, then go for it anyway! 1. Country-Lite 2. Mimilove 3. Denise Burden 4. Karen Faulkner 5. Julie Whitmore Pottery 6. One Pink Goose

Collage - more

I forgot to explain how the butterflies were produced! Squares of fabric cut out ready for quilting. Trusty PVA again slathered on and the fabric glued to lightweight card which, when dry was cut into butterfly shapes which in turn were glued to the canvas.

Collage two paintings 30 x60 cm

In this detail, the anaglypta, pink florist's cellophane and paint on canvas can be seen. Reddish/brown transparent glazing in the centre section and swirls of aqua opaque impasto on the right. This includes a piece of anaglypta from Carol Parsons painting class back in March, 2009? This particular piece of wallpaper has already been used to 'print paint to canvas'. Victoria Hilliard produces lovely ceramic pictures inspired by nature, including the portrayal of moths and butterflies. Would I have produced this collage if Tori were not a member of Art Space Gallery? Maybe not. Everything is 'grist to the visual mill' as far as artists are concerned. 'Floral - Pedestal' this painting just evolved. Fun, fun and more fun! 'Floral - Feel Amazing'. I love this artwork! My daughter's boyfriend bought her flowers, including old fashioned roses, which provided the inspiration for the flowers at the top of the painting and the cellophane wrapper is


I'm trying to be disciplined here, creating a post before clicking all of those tantalising links in my reading list, otherwise all will be lost and another day will pass without a post from Sea Blue Sky Abstracts (no loss some might say)! Anyway, walking the dog earlier, a speedy walk, not far from home given the torrential showers we have been experiencing in this part of the world, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye in time to see a buzzard land on a goal post at Penbeagle Play Park (Palemon Best). Sorry, no pictures as I didn't have a camera - but heck, everyone knows what a buzzard looks like don't they? I'm being facetious, even now, I don't really know (my eyesight's not what it was). I was thrilled and stopped to watch for a while before following the path down and even closer to the bird, within about 20 yards, looking all the time. The buzzard was not bothered at all, although kept an eye on us while doing a spot of preening. In profil

Audrey's Country Crafts

'Wave after Wave' 12 x 24 inches, acrylic/oil on canvas 'Summer Night, St Ives' 12 x 24 inches, acrylic/oil on canvas. SOLD I have been busy and have now opened an Etsy shop for my prints, later (much, much later) there will also be some small originals on board for sale. Audrey, who's based in Canada, has kindly featured Sea Blue Sky Abstracts on her blog - click the button on the side panel or the heading of this post to see more of what she does. I have a sort of tick to do list -, 2.Etsy shop, 3.personal website. Plus, there's also Folksy to consider! Life is never dull - it's a little too busy actually, there are many jobs that never get done! I'm having fun working on two canvases for the next Art Space window theme - Collage. Bizaare, who's going to buy them? These are two pieces that might end up staying with me forever. I have the titles already - 'Floral' Feel Amazing' taken from a clothing label included in