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A Trio of Artists

Angela Garner, Lesley Ninnes and Jo Hamilton Jones present examples of recent work in a colourful and lively exhibition which opens on Sunday 31 July and runs until Saturday 6 August, 2011, at St Ives Arts Club , Wescotts Quay.  Angela Garner, who moved to Cornwall in 1998 from Surrey, says.   “My paintings are about depth and colour for the viewer to meditate upon.  The viewer is invited to look into the layers of colour in my painting to the beyond to enable the mind to relax.  I am currently studying for a Fine Art Degree at Camborne College and am also a member of St Ives Arts Club.” St Ives painter, Lesley Ninnes is a long time member of Art Space Gallery co-op.  “Living here brings an awareness of the elements, the movement and moods of the sea and challenging weather conditions – wild and exciting nature up close – a never ending source of inspiration.” Her artworks have twice been selected for exhibition in the annual ‘21 st Century Watercolour’ competition

My Darling Girl

I am going to miss you so much....... It has been so hard to let go of the first ever dog I have owned.  She was a star - so clever, so feisty - a joy, a pain - a revelation, a friend, an individual, a companion who didn't judge, with the biggest heart ever - 24/12/97-23/7/11.

Finished paintings

You saw them as 'paintings in progress' in the previous post and now four of those shown have been completed. 'Elemental Porthmeor' oil on primed board, 12.5 x 12.5 cm. SOLD 'Porthmeor & The Island' oil on primed board, 12.5 x 12.5 cm. SOLD 'Sea Drama' oil on primed board, 13 x 12 cm. SOLD 'St Ives Bay Surf' oil on primed board, 12.5 x 12.5 cm SOLD Click to enlarge.  Copyright Lesley Ninnes

Porthmeor Rain

Forgot this painting when posting yesterday!  Rendered in oil on board, it's roughly A4 in size and when mounted will also be placed in one of the browser boxes at St Ives Society of Artists.   SOLD Click to enlarge.

Before completion

'Sea' colours on the palette. When working on small paintings, I mix Liquin Impasto with paint applied after the first layer has been put down and dried. And frequently scrape paint residue and deposit at the top of the palette, wiping the rest of the board to create room to mix more colours as needed. Here are some paintings in progress, with labels showing how many times each little board has been worked on.  Some working has been more prolonged for example, the painting on the top right has had a lot more labour than the centre pic (red ground) which has had paint 'pushed' onto the surface on two separate occasions, without any thought to pictorial composition so far. 'Late Sun, Porthmeor' oil on board, 12.5 x 12.5 cm. SOLD 'Late Sun, Shadowy Beach' oil on board, 12.5 x 12.5 cm. SOLD Click to enlarge.

Two paintings

Two recent paintings below, both rendered in oil on board.  The first has been framed and is currently part of the 'Small Picture Show' which continues at St Ives Society of Artists until 3 August, 2011.  Entitled 'A Choice Spot, Gwithian', the image is 30 x 30 cm square, framed size 50 x 50 cm.   SOLD 'Godrevy' below, when mounted, will also be offered for sale at the Society.  I forgot to measure it - but dimensions are approximately 20 x 40 cm. SOLD Click to enlarge. Click here to see more paintings.

Some July seascape paintings

These three are the first finished of several paintings that I have been working on - the others are at various stages of completion - some 'almost there' and others with further to go!  Inspired by Porthmeor Beach, St Ives (both sides) and Gwithian, St Ives Bay. 'Pink Sky & Surf' oil on primed board, 12 x 12.5 cm. SOLD 'Gwithian Cliff Top' oil on primed board, 12.5 x 12.5 cm. SOLD 'Rock Reflection', oil on primed board, 12.5 x 12.5 cm. SOLD Click to enlarge.  Copyright Lesley Ninnes.

Surfing fun!

The Sunday before last was a real scorcher in this part of the world, spurring my sister and I to head to the beach in the early evening (having been busy in the daytime).  She's on the left in this photo, which was taken by her partner - we're not saluting him - the sun was still  dazzling at 6 pm. I'm holding the wooden surf board that I first used from about the age of 10 - it's a bit scratched and beaten up but still works a treat!  Wetsuits are essential - the days of braving UK sea temperatures without adequate insulation being long gone. In fact, prior to buying the wetsuit (and boots) I hadn't ventured into the sea for years - what a worthwhile investment that particular purchase has been, a real 'passport to fun'. Conditions were lovely - nice breakers, with a gentle off shore breeze to lift spray from the waves, and not a cloud to be seen.  We're on Gwithian beach on the other side of St Ives Bay, with Godrevy Lighthouse in