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Return of the bat!

Yes, the bat came back but my plan to use continuous mode on the camera backfired and I was left with nothing to show but several empty frames. Hmm there may be a video option with this camera..........Watch this space!

For now, hope that you like these two photos taken as the sun was setting.


  1. Yes, lovely sunset tonight, still a bit chilly, but lovely! x x

  2. We have bats too. Every summer nite just before complete sunset they come out in droves. 10,20,30 of them winging around through the treetops - it's really something to see. Sabrina hates them. Beautiful sunset pictures Lesley! Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. Love that top picture. We have had the bat, "Return of the Bat".... Now, will be seeing "The Bat Strikes Back"? :O))))))))

  4. LOL at Menopausal musings comment!!

    Lovely photo's

    C x

  5. Hi All, I've really enjoyed reading your comments - as always. We'll have to wait for 'The Bat Strikes Back' as the weather has changed, turning overcast and cloudy tonight. Plus I have to admit not quite grasping the 'video' application yet.
    Lesley x

  6. Nice photos! I think video might be good, especially if you can follow the bat round with the camera!! Or not, as the case might be! ;)

  7. We too have bats that whizz around the garden. Lovely photos. xxx

  8. Thanks Gilly and Diane.

    The rain clouds have come across from the East and it's so dark here (in the middle of the afternoon) that I'm taking a break from painting to catch up on blogs whilst hoping the sky will clear soon! x

  9. LOL, they're bloomin' fast aren't they!

  10. The closest I've ever come to a bat was as a child at summer camp in the Colorado mountains. The bats used to fly through the lodge, above our heads, in the middle of the night. We were scared to death of being bit and becoming vampires! Silly little girls. I would love to see a bat now, thanks for the photos!

  11. oh..i love halloween....

    kary and teddy

  12. Hi Sue, Jeri, Kary (and Teddy) thanks for commenting.

    The video plan didn't work because the camera only operates on a fixed aperture and shutter speed, which is unsuitable for twilight/night photography. So that's that, the bat has had his 15 minutes of fame! x


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