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'Winter Abstract Exhibition'

Some image details from a series of paintings to be shown at the Seascape Gallery, Godalming, 18 January - 16 February 2010. Living on the tip of the Cornish peninsula brings an awareness of the elements, the movement and moods of the sea and challenging weather conditions. All about transparency, colour and clarity Exploring light effects through the use of acrylic interference mediums (green and copper) and acrylic space gel.

Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Much pleasure thou can'st give me O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Much pleasure thou can'st give me How often has the Christmas Tree Afforded me the greatest glee O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Much pleasure thou can'st give me Merry Christmas everyone x

Christmas solidarity

Not wanting Cathy at Menopausal Musing to feel all alone when it comes to 'displacement activities' I decided to undertake a few of my own today and enjoyed a very pleasant few hours of play. Trouble is, there's quite a lot of clearing up to be done and glitter everywhere - even on me! The sun was shining too and the brisk, North East wind dried the washing on the line in no time. I used newspaper, aluminum foil (including gold chocolate wrappers) brown paper, sequins and glitter.


A belated thank you to Milly whose fantastic November giveaway of an original drawing went to Carolina - on a subject of her choice! Milly also sent a gift box of some of her stunning art cards to all who entered her giveaway - me included. Thanks again Milly, they really are lovely! A great big thank you (also belated, sorry Libby) to Libbyquilter of Paper Napkin Poetry - yours truly being the lucky recipient of her wonderful November giveaway - a parcel to 'bring smiles and comforts', yielding up many smooth, dark chocolate goodies, delicious premium double choc cocoa powder, assorted teas and squeezy huckleberry honey. There was also a notebook with seahorses on the cover. A truly lovely piece of handwoven cloth. A scented candle ........ And a Libby original handmade fabric postcard!! Love the stamp. Love the colours. Love the stitching. But most of all, I love the thought. Thank you again Libby.

Surf photos again

More photos of wintry seas at Porthmeor - the source of endless inspiration and also somewhere to walk the dog (she loves it)! This first I'm delighted with, having captured a seagull in flight - made possible because I finally got around to reading the camera manual!! The 'continuous' option automatically takes 3 pics every 2 seconds while the shutter release button is depressed. 'Porthmeor Sunset' painted in 2008. Taken this afternoon on Porthmeor Beach - that wind was strong! Although not painting today because of a rehang at Art Space Gallery and other jobs, I'm currently busy working on a body of work (semi-abstract) for a shared exhibition in January 2010, at the Seascape Gallery , Godalming. Seascape has been run by Sue McAllister and Gary Thomas as a successful online gallery for some time now and represents artists countrywide at Art Fairs throughout the calendar year, so opening gallery premises proved to be the next logical step for this clever

****!!!!? COMPUTERS!!!!

Computers - wonderful when they work but when they don't ooooohhhh! Mine is not working - again. This time the monitor is playing up and now the whole caboodle has had to be taken to the nearest computer repair shop and I'm bereft because that means no blogging and no commenting. I haven't been able to properly for a couple of days anyway, as the problem started to manifest itself. This post is coming via my parents computer to let you all know the score and that I will be back, as soon as is technically possible. In the meantime, Bye For Now. Lesley x

No shells today

Timing walking the dog between heavy showers, the roar of the waves could be heard before reaching Porthmeor Beach and an unbroken line of white edged St Ives Bay, bright against dark sea and sky. A stiff Westerly wind lifted spray from the breakers and those swells were roaring in. At almost high tide, surges were taking the sea right up to the buildings at the Eastern end of the cove, so it wasn't really possible to walk the length of the beach - well, not without risking getting seriously wet! These photos convey neither the size, force or noise. Some of the larger rollers, just before breaking, must have been at least 8-10 feet high and the thrust was enough to flip at least one surfer into a somersault. Sadly, I didn't manage any action shots, but take it from me, they were flying! Click the pictures for a better view - note the horizon, broken by swells. Luckily there was somewhere to shelter from the fast moving squalls and the dog and I made it back home before

My first Etsy Sale!!!

Having joined Etsy in June 2009, I was beginning to despair of ever making a sale, when all around me others were selling with gusto, it seemed!! Anyway, phew, it's happened at last and a parcel is on its way to my first ever Etsy buyer as I write. More prints have been added to the shop - from the golden oldie range, including a very twee kitty - sorry, but I've always been pleased with the accompanying bluebells, red campions and buttercups! Plus, there's a special offer on at the moment - buy one print and get one free! The only stipulation is that both prints be delivered to the same address. Orders can be for 2 of the same image or 2 different images. Please have a look and tell me what you think. Any feedback or advice is welcomed. Bye for now. Lesley x

Dialogue with the dog

What? What is it? I was having a lovely dream - do I have to wake up! You want to take a photo because the 'two little angels' are missing me? Well, I'm flattered of course and I miss them too - I'm not getting nearly as many treats and there's no one to make a fuss of me! The big eyed look always works. This'll make them go 'aaahhhhh................. More? Now that's it - you've got plenty to choose from. We'll finish with a profile shot. No, I'm not going to say cheese! Hope they'll be pleased. And no, the weather is not that good here right now- this pic was taken on a lovely, fine midsummer's evening.

Long ago summer colour

Here's another 'golden oldie' painted around a decade ago, I think, using watercolour and gouache on NOT or Cold Pressed - which is somewhere between supersmooth Hot Pressed and ROUGH - watercolour paper. The drawing was made on cartridge paper first, with lots of rubbing out and correcting of lines before being transferred using tracing paper onto the stretched watercolour paper. Flowers have always been a struggle to represent, whereas I love painting leaves and stems. Having said that, I am pleased with these cheerful red poppies! Have a great weekend everyone. x

Catching Up!

Having been a bit slow to post, again, I have included quite a few photos by way of compensation, starting with an unexpected gift from a return visitor to Art Space. Tomoko first called in at the gallery earlier in the year and came back a couple of weeks ago - with her daughter this time. She brought some art cards, including a view of Mount Fuji........ A blank canvas for me to paint..............(click the pic to view the Japanese script on the back of the postcards) And what do we have here? Wow! What a wonderful piece of material, measuring 44 x 41 inches, I'm bowled over by the design and colours. What to do with this gorgeous stuff? My preferred option is to get it hemmed for use as a tablecloth to be arranged diamond fashion over a plain white rectangular cloth on special occasions, like Christmas for example. Beautiful design, screen printed onto 100% cotton. Thank you Tomoko, it was great to meet you again, and your daughter. Interestingly, a little investiga