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More Love Tokens and a Solitary Flower

Just two Love Tokens this time, placed in nice frames! 'Golden Heart' Token... 'Star' Token.... I reused glittery, holographic Christmas labels, some Christmas wrapping paper, the usual chocolate wrappers, some miniscule beads and a smidgen of fabric. Then printed the all important words, which were again glued to a mountboard backing for support. Both for sale in Art Space Gallery, along with three of the first unframed Love Tokens. The other three are on Etsy . Well, I just couldn't resist photographing this lovely flower, the last but one (there's a bud getting ready to open) produced by my Christmas Cactus. It doesn't flower predictably, but timed it just right on this occasion, with flowers starting to open just before Christmas - and although short lived, the blooms are so pretty, don't you think? Bye for now, Lesley

Seascape Gallery Exhibition

Here are some pics of the exhibition opening on Sunday - enjoy! The show continues until 13 February, 2010 (not 16 Feb, as previously mentioned). Location details and opening times are included in the earlier post 'Exhibition Preview' .

Love Tokens

The picture below shows a 'Palm Tree Worksheet' brought home by one of my daughters, many years ago, which lists under the heading 'Fruits of the Spirit' the words: Joy Love Peace Kindness Patience Goodness Gentleness Self-Control Faithfulness. At the time, I was struck by the impact of the words, just reading them had an immediate calming effect, each one acting as a soothing balm. We all want to have joy, love and peace in our lives and, even if we don't always succeed (I'm no saint and fall short of such aspirations on a regular basis) cannot go far wrong if we try to exercise kindness, patience, goodness, self-control (probably the hardest) and are faithful. Although quite yellow and tattered now, the worksheet has remained on the fridge ever since. After the shock and horror of September 11 2001, I started making 'Love Tokens' which, besides hearts and swirls and dots in ink, incorporated the words listed in the worksheet, which were then

Weekend at Play!

Because it's getting late this post will be short and sweet, with just the one pic for now, to give some idea of what I got up to this weekend! It was good to have some creative fun - and quite messy at times - producing these 'love tokens'. More, hopefully, tomorrow. Now it's time for bed - night, night.

Exhibition preview

Art lovers, if any of you are in the vicinity of Godalming, Surrey, why not pay a visit to Seascape Gallery, for the opening of the Winter Abstract Exhibition today, Sunday 17 January, from 11.45 am - 5 pm. I've included some more information about the Gallery itself below, with just one or two interior photos of earlier displays. Get along if you can - any feedback will be very welcome, as I'm here (not there) in sunny St Ives and have fingers crossed that my work and that of my fellow exhibitors, will be well received. The Seascape Gallery is an independent art gallery supplying modern and contemporary fine art, it was formed out ot the love for collecting art. The Gallery has been established for over two years and has recently moved to a beautiful new space in Godalming, Surrey. The Gallery provides a greater and wider access to leading established and emerging artists work, allowing people to purchase art with confidence. Seascape Gallery, 117, High Street, Godalming,

Winter Abstract Exhibition

There are only a few days to go before the Seascape Gallery Winter Abstract Exhibition opens. Click here to go to the page displaying thumbnails of the works of the 5 artists showcased - Daisy Cook, Christine Allen, Nigel Forbes Moores, Robert Dunt and Yours Truly - and here to go to my page on the Seascape Gallery web. The same works are listed on my free page on Saatchi online and I've entered the above painting (click to enlarge) 'From Land & Sea 2009' for this week's Showdown which continues until 18/01/2010. Please click the Showdown link to vote for my work (grovel) thanks in advance! Bye for now and best wishes, Lesley x