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Some new paintings

I've had fun making these small paintings on primed mdf - unfortunately the colour and contrast are wildly inaccurate and probably an improvement! The largest is 11 x 8.5 inches and the smallest 7.5 x 6 inches. Starting from the bottom is 'Godrevy Breakers' - Godrevy is the name of the point and lighthouse pictured - the one above is 'Snow Peak', painting no 3 is untitled, next is 'Sunlit Sky', then 'Tropical Blue', another untitled and at the top 'St Ives Bay Rough Sea'. Some of the underpainted texture was created by slathering paint onto a square of anaglypta wall paper - a technique gleaned from Carol Parsons watercolour workshop held at Newlyn Gallery in March - and then pressing onto the board. I also used it on the surface of 'Snow Peak' and the untitled painting 2nd from the top, as well as 'printing' the pattern on the cut out paper shape which was then glued to the artwork.


Although not painting right now because I'm blogging (reading, commenting and posting actually, that's a bit decadent in the middle of the afternoon, don't you think?) I have been and am continuing to work on a painting which, with 3 others 'Aurora', 'Undercurrent 2008' and 'Colours of West Penwith' - see wall picture below - will be going to London at the beginning of May. David Upton, who has links with St Ives and whose parents and grandparents live in the area, has asked Art Space Gallery to provide artwork for his new seafood restaurant 'Coast' in Camden, North London, which opens on 7 May 2009, with a grand launch planned for 19 May. Loosely based on the theme 'Coast', paintings by Art Space artists will hang on the walls of both levels and the stairwell of the restaurant. So if you're in the area after 7 May, why not pop in and have a look. Have got to go now, to cut the grass - it's a jungle out there!

My wall at Art Space

This is how my 'wall' looks at Art Space Gallery right now, but it will be all change on Monday 20 April 2009, when we all move on to the next space. Pictured (from left to right) 'Undercurrent 2008', 'Aurora' and 'Sunrise' at the top 'Colours of West Penwith' below.

Hot Cross Buns

Thanks to Pipany's Poltisko Memoirs I was inspired to make Hot Cross Buns. Her post brought back memories of making them when my children were younger and they're so much tastier than anything from Tesco's or the Co-op. It's hard to make out the crosses because the mixture was a bit wetter than it should have been, so the buns 'rose outwards' when in the oven! They still taste nice though, if a little doughy. The other photos were taken this morning around 8 am and also show the blackthorn just starting to come into flower and the colours were beautiful.

Walking the dog

These pictures were taken a couple of days ago and the weather was glorious, though fresh. The beach is Porthmeor and conditions were good for surfing that day, especially when the tide was lower. Tate St Ives can be seen in the centre of the top photo. Don't be fooled by the canine's grey hair - she's a middle aged teenager, like me!

'Harbour - Low Tide'

One of the 10 inch square canvases painted for 'Boats - 7 Perspectives' sold today. The buyer was delighted (and so was I!!).

Chelsea Art Fair

The Chelsea Art Fair takes place this month (23-26 April 2009) in the ornate and beautiful Chelsea Old Town Hall, where 35-40 galleries will present the work of approximately 500 artists. Three of my paintings - including 'Tree Tops' pictured above - will be among those displayed on the Alpha Art Gallery stand. Check to view the others, just click the 'all artists' drop down menu on the left side of the Alpha home page.