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More artwork!

My Etsy shop has been updated with some additional photos and artwork. This first is an A4 giclee print, 'Sunrise' taken from a watercolour/gouache diptych. This print is entitled 'Porthmeor Rocks'. 'Let's Dance'! 'Lucid' The next is an original painted on primed card and is called 'Gannet Seas', because we often see Gannets diving here in such conditions. This too is an original on primed card - 'Seascape & Headland' - I'm not always so imaginative when it comes to titles! I forgot to include close ups of 'St Ives Harbour & Godrevy' in the previous post, so here they are (below) - makes it easier to see brushstrokes, texture and the grain of the wooden support.

New artwork

Oh I have had so much fun with this painting, though am unsure as to the title, something along the lines of 'Floral -Planters' or 'Floral - Patio' , what do you think? It's not framed yet, is rendered on canvas board and started out as a figure study! The figure wasn't coming together at all, so I rashly slathered black paint onto anaglypta and printed onto the surface and then glued a piece of the wallpaper on for good measure, as in the collages featured earlier in this blog. Next came the green paint applied with a knife, which made me think of leaves, the leaves of Montbretia, so I mixed a lovely orange and tried creating flowers, again using a knife. Later I picked some Montbretia flowers and painted them (the two on the right hand side of the painting). Then, my daughter gave me some beautiful magenta coloured Gladioli and so they were incorporated too, it was such a pleasure to watch them open out from deep, red buds. 'Summer Bay' or 'St

Walking in Soft Rain

Walking in soft rain: Birds sing Wet vegetation gleams Earthy scents sweeten the air. I think of those who cannot share The quiet joy Bound to beds without ties Imprisoned in rooms with open doors. There is no reason to complain when Walking in soft rain.

I'm Back - (probably a bit too soon).

Well, it's a bit embarrassing - warning that I might be offline for quite sometime, possibly a week and here I am, back after less than 24 hours! Luckily, after half heartedly trying again in the hope that some computer miracle would happen e.g. switch on, wait 30 seconds and hey presto windows desktop appears, displaying most importantly the Internet Explorer shortcut icon (didn't happen) I realised that there were some options open to me, thanks to those little F keys - no, I'm not swearing - F9 I think, allowed me to opt for a 'System Restore'. So that's what I did, restored the computer to its factory condition. Wonderful! Everything's so fast, because, apart from the Internet connection, the computer has no files! I'm not too worried because there should be some back up via PCWorld. So for now, the sea-blue-sky-abstracts Etsy shop will remain in Vacation mode until I can ensure that the relevant image files are back on my computer. Thanks

Major computer problem

Dear All, I am unable to get into my computer (why do these things always happen at the weekend?) - the hard drive I think - and am quickly writing this post on the laptop at my parents house. So please don't think I'm ignoring visitors or not interested in the posts of all the terrific blogs I follow because that's not the case, it's all the computer's fault and I'm effectively silenced for a while, boo hoo. Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully I'll be back soon! Lesley x

Home Spun Fair

Today, we headed off to picturesque Portscatho on the South coast of Cornwall, to visit the long awaited Home Spun Fair . Although quite cloudy, the weather was bright and warm - the village is much quieter than hectic St Ives, too. Here's Jane who organised the event with Christine of 'The Sea Garden' Portscatho. Pictured here are some examples of the wonderful wares that Christine has for sale in her shop - including lovely sewn pieces by Gertrud Strahl. Truly beautiful hats by Clare of Daisy Darling millinery. Abundant bunting on the left and Niki's 'Vintage Magpie stall on the right - her home-made mohair teddies are adorable. Cynthia of the Spindrift Gallery, Portscatho, with examples of her lovely artwork. Here she is, the one, the only, Viv of Hens Teeth fame ! It was great to actually meet Viv and the other bloggers today and I hope it won't be long before we have a chance to meet up again. Viv chatting to other stall holders. Clar