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June 2021 Sea paintings

A very exciting month of June in the area, so far, owing to the G7 experience! St Ives Bay looked beautiful in the mist and dramatic when draped in ominous clouds, but stunned with breathtaking beauty when the sun eventually came out and decided to stay for the whole weekend. The visual high point for me was reached on the most lovely Sunday evening you could wish for.  We expected them, we didn't mind waiting seated on a sunny patch of grass, a perfect expanse of sea and cloudless blue sky before us, when the Red Arrows appeared silently and fast without fanfare to produce a sublime show of seemingly effortless symmetry and faultless aerobatic manoeuvring, sure to be etched on the memories of the many of us lucky enough to be there. So, coming back down to earth, here are the latest small paintings on board currently displayed at Art Space Gallery, St Ives 'Merging of Sea and Sky' oil on primed board, 13.5 x 13.5 cm. SOLD 'Cove, Changed by the Weather' oil on prime