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'Sea Carved Sand' and other small paintings on board...

So long since my last post, though I have been 'painting up a storm'.  This one's only to do with square oil paintings on board, measuring 13.5 x 13.5 cm. These will be framed and delivered to Art Space Gallery, St Ives in a day or so. 'Sea Carved Sand' SOLD 'Sea Attrition'   SOLD 'Too Rough to Walk on the Beach' SOLD 'Bright Sun, Cool Shade' SOLD 'Clean Surf and Showers' SOLD 'Winter Reflection' SOLD These are currently residing at Art Space Gallery, St Ives 'North Coast Rough'   SOLD 'Keeping a Safe Distance'   SOLD 'Beach - It's Wild'   SOLD 'Delightful Day'   SOLD 'Rain Washed Natural Harbour' SOLD 'Sea, Power and Glory' SOLD 'Familiar Coast' SOLD 'Energy and Colour at the Cove' SOLD 'Sunny Beach Weather