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Warmth of the sun and a partial thaw!

Sunrise and clear skies caused the snow to start to thaw this morning for a while, but what is left is frozen hard and treacherous underfoot and the stiff North East wind makes it feel very, very cold! A lovely pink light. My neighbour's clothes line and pole below - beyond is the top rugby field, with flood light and dugout visible. A very different scene from what was recorded yesterday at around the same time. Click to enlarge.  Copyright Lesley Ninnes.

Snow in St Ives today!

The snow started falling at around 8am and stuck! Yes, the red bloom is a rose, destined never to progress beyond being a bud I fear!  The snow has remained and is freezing over tonight - nothing to what is being experienced elsewhere in the country though.  Wrap up and keep warm everyone.  Click to enlarge.

Variable Weather

Wednesday (24th November) was a beautiful day in St Ives and I managed to catch the tail end of it on Porthmeor Beach.  Compare the following day and contrasting wild weather conditions.  A bitter North wind was blowing and thundering breakers driving on shore - all very dramatic and elemental and as beautiful in its way as the calm and sunny conditions of the previous day. To see some stunning photos of rural Cornwall in November, taken by Jane of Jane and the Happy Crow please click here . Click photos to enlarge.  Copyright Lesley Ninnes.  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

My Wall at Art Space Gallery

Here are some images of my wall at Art Space Gallery, though we'll rehang next Sunday/Monday, so there will be a different mix of everyone's work on display.  I'll be updating the Art Space website and also the Art Space blog in the next few days, so please take a look.   Is anyone else having difficulties uploading images?  Blogger won't allow me to upload more than one per post - and I have only achieved 3 in this post by publishing after each insertion and then editing subsequently!!!

Hello again!

Here are the artworks that I was unable to load in the previous post?  First is 'Blue Canyon' another reworked canvas - an uninspired red abstract is hidden beneath the layers.  This painting evolved into its present form when I recognised the appearance of a skyline and mountains, much brighter and cheering than the original, take it from me!  Oil and acrylic on deep edge canvas, 30 cm square. This next painting covers a much duller abstract, one that just did not cohere.  'Red Evening Shore' is a definite improvement.  Deep edge canvas 30 cm square, acrylic & oil. Here's a closer view of the same painting.  Click all images to enlarge. Night, night - it's still raining out there. x

What a night!

What a night is not a boast by the way , just a comment on the heavy rain falling outside!  Grim, but at least, but it's cosy inside this evening.  The day started so well too, bright and clear for some time, which was nice for painting and photographing artwork and drying the washing on the line.  Anyway, here are some more pics. A reworked triptych, now entitled 'November Lie of the Land' , each deep edge canvas measures 30 cm square.  This version works so much better than the first attempt!  Acrylic & oil.  The image at bottom should actually be in the centre, because the triptych is landscape format.  Blogger is not allowing me to add any more images to this post for some reason, so I'll have to create another.  Back in a minute!

Wet & Windy

Yes, it's very windy and wet outside today, though quite bright too - and mild.   Inside there's colour and light, the colours of summer and the sea.  Look on my beautiful heart, a gift from the so very talented Carolyn , and walk on the beach below an 'Alfred Wallis' cottage, among the shells and swirls of water and glitter, the sparkle of sun on sand and surf - and then visit Carolyn at Love Stitching Red  she will be delighted to see you. The painting below (haven't decided on a title yet) features Browthin a rock just off Clodgy Point to the West of St Ives and looking at it takes me back to that May evening, when a sea mist rolled in and out making everything grey for a while before receding to reveal soft, lovely, sunset hues.  I used acrylic and oil on primed board, rendered with brush and knife. No title for this one either, which features my favourite subject, Porthmeor Beach, which never ceases to fascinate - it's impossible to capture the mag