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Walking in Soft Rain

Walking in soft rain:
Birds sing
Wet vegetation gleams
Earthy scents sweeten the air.

I think of those who cannot share
The quiet joy
Bound to beds without ties
Imprisoned in rooms with open doors.
There is no reason to complain when
Walking in soft rain.


  1. Beautiful and moving. This was the case for my sister last year. Then against the odds she recovered. Wew were more grateful than we could express.

  2. This one struck home deeply, not only because of the moaning and groaning about recent weather, but because a little lady I know is in warmer climes and I am deep in thought knowing she won't ever do simple things like blow a dandelion clock or unwrap sweets etc. BUT, we make sure she does as much as she is capable of and we are capable of providing. Thanks for the note re the cream. If my hands don't calm down I will seek a prescription for it. x

  3. Lovely poem. :-) Made pictures in my head.

  4. Food for thought indeed Lesley. x

  5. Your words are beautiful, just what I needed to read. Thank you.

  6. yes. one of the lovliest things to do.

  7. Reminds me to count my blessings and enjoy life to the full.

  8. Dear All, thanks for commenting. I've really enjoyed reading your responses to this poem. Best wishes. Lesley

    PS Have managed to get the picture files back onto my computer, so will soon re-open my Etsy shop and then, hopefully create a new post! x

  9. wonderful words as soft as rain and full of wise thoughts~!!~


  10. Thanks Libby & Carol.
    Writing creatively is a rare occurence where I'm concerned, but every now and then I'm compelled to put pen to paper! Glad you enjoyed it. BFN. Lesley

  11. Beautiful words Lesley. Very evocative. I love rain (being partly Irish) and "soft" days. Our temp is 90F today but perhaps rain tomorrow.

  12. You should totally paint those words missus! x

  13. Thanks Cathy, I know what you mean - the moisture affects the light too and colours can seem more intense.

    Hi Mimi - I could try, maybe, sometimes though, only words will do. x

  14. Absolutely. I'm going to try and and take a photograph that illustrates this. Hope you don't mind.
    I'm looking forward to seeing some new paintings.

  15. No, I don't mind at all and will look forward to seeing it. Good luck with that, Richard. Hope to upload some new pics soon!

  16. Hi Lesley

    A beautiful poem, full of imagery and thought provoking.

    I've been looking around the rest of your site but haven't seen everything yet. Enjoying reading(-:


  17. I have had a look round and found some of your paintings, They are lovely. Love your seascapes and your style.

  18. Hi Amanda, thanks for visiting and commenting. Good luck with your new blog and lovely, quirky animal studies. Best wishes. Lesley

  19. Beautiful words ... thinking of you Lesley
    Carolyn x

  20. Very poignant words. Hope all well with you.
    Pleanty of rain (and not so soft) up here today

  21. Thanks Carolyn, that's nice to know - hope everything is fine with you, L x

    Hi Kate, nice to hear from you - hope the rain stops soon! Lesley x


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