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Home Spun Fair

Today, we headed off to picturesque Portscatho on the South coast of Cornwall, to visit the long awaited Home Spun Fair.

Although quite cloudy, the weather was bright and warm - the village is much quieter than hectic St Ives, too.

Here's Jane who organised the event with Christine of 'The Sea Garden' Portscatho.

Pictured here are some examples of the wonderful wares that Christine has for sale in her shop - including lovely sewn pieces by Gertrud Strahl.

Truly beautiful hats by Clare of Daisy Darling millinery.

Abundant bunting on the left and Niki's 'Vintage Magpie stall on the right - her home-made mohair teddies are adorable.

Cynthia of the Spindrift Gallery, Portscatho, with examples of her lovely artwork.

Here she is, the one, the only, Viv of Hens Teeth fame! It was great to actually meet Viv and the other bloggers today and I hope it won't be long before we have a chance to meet up again.

Viv chatting to other stall holders.

Clare with her top notch hats.
Michele of Cowboys & Custard, like Christine, proved elusive - look at her lovely stall. Not pictured is the donkey on wheels which sold just before this pic was taken!

Just some general views to show how busy the fair was.

Refreshments were on sale and the cakes absolutely delicious (particularly the iced coffee sponge).

I didn't manage to photograph everyone's stall, apologies to those not included - it was so busy.

Eventually we took off for a stroll around the village, continuing a little way along the coastal path, before heading home after a lovely day out. Well done everyone!


  1. Oh I am very envious of your little trip. Beautiful hand-made things AND some of my favourite bloggers, all in a gorgeous setting. Lucky you!

  2. I was hoping that someone would blog this!
    Looks like a great day was had by all!
    Thank you for the photos ;-)

  3. Lovely being able to "go" to the event albeit afterwards. Thank you. x

  4. Hello Lesley,
    the one, the only! ;-)
    Thank you for writing such a lovely post. Didn't we have a great time? I thought the Fair had such a good atmosphere, but best of all was meeting friends like you.
    So pleased you were able to come and I could get to meet you and your sister. My husband remarked what a kind, sweet lady you are and I agree. x

  5. Silverpebble, Sal and Cathy thanks for commenting - would have loved to have met you all there too!

    Viv, thanks so much, hope it will be the first occasion of many, keep in touch. Lesley x
    PS Will order nice weather should you ever decide to visit St Ives again!

  6. oh~!~ i so wish i could have been there~!!~ but so happy that you shared some of the lovely details in your blog~!!~a beautiful seaside setting, summer day and fabulous vendors ~ what an excellent day you had~!!~


  7. Wouldn't it have been great Libby, if you could have been?! The weather was a blessing as the following day it rained and rained and rained! BFN. Lesley

  8. What a lovely fair and great opportunity. Wish I could have been there too... Although, thinking of all the money I saved not going.... LOL I LOVE hats!

  9. Have given you an award over at my blog. Feel free to accept or not, just wanted to give you it. x

  10. Magpie Magic - maybe next year (that'll give you time to save up to buy one of Clare's beautiful hats)! BFN. Lesley

    Cathy - I'm coming over right now!!

  11. I tried to come from California, but my row boat sprung a leak before I left port.
    So your pictures meant all the more.
    what a happy event it seemed.

  12. Hi Lesley

    Thanks for taking us for a tour around the fair. Needless to say, I would have loved to be there. Loads of gorgeous stuff and nice people. Glad you had a lovely day. I see the beach has some of those wonderful rocks that are just begging to be explored by adults and kids alike. What a great place.

  13. Hi Julie & Cathy, thanks for visiting - Portscatho is pretty and it made a pleasant change to cross the county to Cornwall's south coast. Lesley x

  14. Hi Lesley, found your blog! Was invited to join you all at Portscatho but wasn't able to, sadly. Hopefully next time! glad it went well x x

  15. Hi Lesley, thanks for showing us what a wonderful day you all had at the fair. I feel sad that I wasn't able to go. Your photos are really lovely of all the stalls and Portscatho itself. I am happy you had a lovely day with your sister

    Have a lovely weekend
    Best wishes

  16. Hi Noelle, thanks for visiting - hopefully you'll be able to make the next one! BFN. Lesley

    Carolyn, thanks - you were missed and fingers crossed that you'll be able to attend next summer. Isn't the weather glorious again! Best wishes. Lesley

  17. Lovely lovely post, how great to see the event I'd heard so much about through Viv.
    Another world down there in Cornwall. Sigh!

  18. wha t a great event = where can i se the donkey on wheels?
    cat xxx

  19. Hi Cat, yes it was wonderful.

    Hopefully, you'll be able to click the link below which will take you to Michelle's blog 'Cowboys and Custard'. The donkey on wheels can be seen in the third photo down. Thanks for following. Best wishes. Lesley

  20. Oh, it didn't work - try copying and pasting into your browser! BFN. Lesley


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