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Late developer

Dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century I have nevertheless embraced new technology a nano step at a time - way behind everyone (and I mean everyone) else of course, so humour me and sympathise!

Anyway, too 'tight' to buy an Apple ipod - I first bought a Sony Walkman MP3, then a 'dock' (because those headphones really hurt) and more and more adventurous, daring even, decided to bite the bullet and download Apple iTunes, which I love!!

I still marvel at how easy it is to buy favourite pieces, classics, from way back, right up to the present day, single tracks not a complete album, which often includes music unwanted or downright depressing.

Latest downloads have included the wonderful track entitled 'Nothing Ever Hurt Like You' by James Morrison, click the YouTube video in the previous post.  Great voice, great blues, somehow redolent of 'Heard it through the Grapevine'.  What do you think?

Think I'll have to ration iTunes usage!!!  


  1. ...i am late to the tech party too....

    i have no idea how i ever got this blog thingy going..begineers luck...

    happy to see you at Farmhouse today, my friend

    stay cozy
    kary and teddy

  2. I'm way behind you. I'm still clinging on to my c.d.s. Hubby still has all his vinyl stored away too!


  3. LOL I am using Spotify not iTunes, but we're a technology household. :-) xo

  4. I am so impressed, I will come to you for all techy advice from now on... My inpatient son will be relieved...

    We got a Dab radio at Christmas don't think that counts...

    Enjoy your new found knowledge...

  5. Look at you with your new fangled gadgets!!!
    (I am way, w a y behind you on all of this, still sticking with CSs! Really!)
    Oh, and yes, there is definitely something of "Heard It On The Grapevine" in that track.

  6. Morning all, thanks for commenting and making me smile.

    The sun's shining now, after last night's heavy rain. No flooding here but others were not so lucky. Hope the sun's shining where you are. x

  7. I was dragging my feet about an iPhone. I always felt a phone just needed to make phone calls. Well, I got my hubbys G3 old iPhone (he got a new one, he's a techy guy) and I will say I don't know why I waited. Just the map features alone are awesome. So is being able to check your email on the fly. Not to mention all the photo fun you can have with the camera apps and it can carry all your music as well.

  8. l love the track and yes definatly a grapevine feel to it..NOW phones l certainly feel life and technology has passed me by..just like when my mum and dad were still playing a radio gram when we had a stereo,and they playing videos when we were watching dvds..(dont even go sky plussing!) well my nokia is 7years old and when l answer it people gawp like its alien!such snobs!x

  9. Tricia, I'm still in the dark ages when it comes to phones, but am very interested in what you have to say about the iPhone, hmmm something to consider investigating - later on! Thanks for visiting. x

    You're not alone Donna, I have an old Nokia too! Thanks for popping over. x


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