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Collage two paintings 30 x60 cm

In this detail, the anaglypta, pink florist's cellophane and paint on canvas can be seen. Reddish/brown transparent glazing in the centre section and swirls of aqua opaque impasto on the right.

This includes a piece of anaglypta from Carol Parsons painting class back in March, 2009? This particular piece of wallpaper has already been used to 'print paint to canvas'.
Victoria Hilliard produces lovely ceramic pictures inspired by nature, including the portrayal of moths and butterflies. Would I have produced this collage if Tori were not a member of Art Space Gallery? Maybe not. Everything is 'grist to the visual mill' as far as artists are concerned.

'Floral - Pedestal' this painting just evolved. Fun, fun and more fun!

'Floral - Feel Amazing'. I love this artwork! My daughter's boyfriend bought her flowers, including old fashioned roses, which provided the inspiration for the flowers at the top of the painting and the cellophane wrapper is included in the collage, overlaid with magenta glazing.

But what a struggle. The black and white flower came from a discarded fabric decoration from one of my daughter's dresses, slathered with PVA glue which I then attempted to stick to the canvas, sadly every time I lifted my fingers so the flower lifted too. Determination won out though and eventually it stayed put. When dry, I painted the centre and also some of the white areas and black stripes for texture and to guard against fading.

The wonderful red paper with cerise glitter spots was purchased from 'The Painted Bird' St Ives. Normally I go to Save The Children, bargain wrapping at 35p a sheet. On this occasion it was closed and I just couldn't resist such truly beautiful paper (£1.95 a sheet) obviously too costly to waste! Not that I would anyway!

The four little patchwork squares, machine stitched by my Mum? my daughter? now included thanks to PVA glue and topped with a ribbon from clothing label 'Feel Amazing', something we all aspire to.

The new window theme at Art Space Gallery is 'collage', no photos of the window yet, but as tomorrow is my day at the gallery, hopefully I'll be organised enough to take the camera and tripod, so please keep an eye on the Art Space blog over the next few days.

Having a theme is so much fun. Collage is not an area that I have much expertise in but producing these two artworks has been so enjoyable.


  1. That is absolutely stunning!!! I love it!!

    Great blog too...I shall definitely be back :-)

    C x

  2. Lots of "WOW FACTOR" on this one. Beautiful colors, vibrant and alive - love the subject. Well done!

  3. Oh my GOODNESS!!! Aren't those collages SOMETHING!!! Lovely to know the "stories" behind them and to have you share your creative journey. I particularly like the black and white poppy-like flower. It seems to sit well agains the vibrant colours that surround it.

  4. What lovely creations Lesley. I am very impressed. I have had a teeny go at collage but haven't really got into it. Thanks for showing the steps to achieving the results. Very interesting. I like the black and white flower too. It gives the composition a zing.

  5. Dear all, thanks for your lovely comments, which are much appreciated. It's great to have such a challenge, because fulfilling 'the brief' takes the artist to places that might otherwise not have been visited.

    I may do 'collage' again (if they sell, that is!!). Only joking, collage has so much potential. And can involve no painting at all, so that's another consideration, maybe to use just torn paper or stitched fabric or patterned fabric, newspaper, aluminium foil - the possibilities are endless. BFN. Lesley x

  6. love seeing your collage~!~it's so full of whimsy and fun~!!~
    i also really enjoyed reading about and seeing the process. thank you for sharing that with us.
    i've been dabbling in the collage work myself lately and as intrigued by it as i am, i also find it quite creatively challenging.


  7. Something comes to mind, one author's theory (can't remember who he was or where I read it)that 'challenge' is one of three conditions necessary to enjoy a happy life! Lesley

  8. A very nice collage and thanks for sharing the process. Have a lovely weekend and see you soon, Carolyn x

  9. Thanks Carolyn, so glad that you've returned to blogging. Best wishes. Lesley

  10. I've just dropped in to thankyou for leaving your comment on my blog. I love what you are doing here - 'Pedestal' and 'Feel Amazing' are such fun yet still artistic. I am intrigued by collage, terrified of painting and happier with fabric and thread, but am about to explore the possibilities of combining all three. It might be a long time before there is anything worthwhile posting! How wonderful to live in St. Ives, or indeed Cornwall.

  11. Hi Heather and thanks. Good luck with the collage - paint isn't really necessary though, I only used it because it's the medium I'm most comfortable with. Paper and aluminium foil are fun to use too. Bye for now. Lesley

  12. Lovely!I'm so impressed! Brilliant use of foil. :-)

  13. Hi Sue, think I'm hooked now! Thanks for visiting. Am looking forward to seeing what you get up to next (no pressure). Lesley

  14. Such HAPPY collages, thanks so much for sharing your experiences with the materials too.
    Love the first photograph in you sidebar "the messy job":)
    Have a wonderful day


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