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Surf photos again

More photos of wintry seas at Porthmeor - the source of endless inspiration and also somewhere to walk the dog (she loves it)! This first I'm delighted with, having captured a seagull in flight - made possible because I finally got around to reading the camera manual!! The 'continuous' option automatically takes 3 pics every 2 seconds while the shutter release button is depressed.

'Porthmeor Sunset' painted in 2008.

Taken this afternoon on Porthmeor Beach - that wind was strong!

Although not painting today because of a rehang at Art Space Gallery and other jobs, I'm currently busy working on a body of work (semi-abstract) for a shared exhibition in January 2010, at the Seascape Gallery, Godalming.
Seascape has been run by Sue McAllister and Gary Thomas as a successful online gallery for some time now and represents artists countrywide at Art Fairs throughout the calendar year, so opening gallery premises proved to be the next logical step for this clever and hard working pair - see for yourself here.


  1. happy to see you back online. great photos love these windy days, captured porthminster beach on sunday and will put some on my blog for a change. see you out walking. bye from carol and marcus.

  2. your painting is gorgeous, you have captured the colours beautiful - and that beach shot, love the wind whipping the top of that wave

  3. What a fantastic photo (the one with the seagull). Oh to have a camera capable of that.... Your paintings really capture the colour beautifully.

  4. Welcome back Lesley!
    and that is a wonderful painting.

  5. Hi Carol, will keep an eye on your blog for the Porthminster pic.

    Jill, the sea was spectacular - and again today.

    Cathy, if you could see my camera, having been dropped in the past, I have to use selotape to stop the battery falling out!

    Julie, it's nice to be back!

    Thank you all for the lovely words. BFN. x

  6. So that's how you take pictures of seagulls! I've been thinking about this for ages but my heart sank at the idea of the finer points of camera settings. Isn't the sea beautiful at this time of year when it's all grey and wild?We're lucky to be where we are.

  7. Whitney-Anne, you're right, we are lucky!

    Try not to let the camera settings put you off - it was so easy and straight forward and done in 2 minutes. Bye for now. Lesley

  8. Glad you got your pc fixed Lesley!

    Your painting is so wonderful it's just like your photographs!

    Enjoy all this surf weather we are having!

  9. Hi Carolyn, thanks - it's a relief to be back online I must say!

    Porthmeor is an endless source of inspiration. When the tide is low, there's so much reflected light, an abundance of wide, open space - and the Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see. Wonderful.

  10. Beautiful photo's and beautiful paintings!!

    C x

  11. Glad the computer is sorted out Lesley. It is so frustrating being without one. I love your photos of the beach and your beautiful painting. Our weather has been windy, windy, windy as well. I am glad the trees are more or less leafless otherwise a lot would have been uprooted.

  12. glad your machine is behaving itself now. I am sssssooooooo jealous that you are there walking your dog on the beach..and l am not yet!!really need to find a buyer for my flat!!!xhappy painting. lynda

  13. Carol, Cathy and Lynda - thanks for visiting today and leaving such kind comments.

    Yes, it is frustrating being without a computer but, I'm going to have to start rationing myself, having spent much too long today watching online video tutorials on how to make paper snowflakes! And then I spent even more time making them (with variable success). Oh, and then there was the the origami star made from 5 dollar bills.........

  14. Thank you for calling in at my blog! I love your paintings and your photos of the beach, and look forward to seeing more!

    Even more I admire the background to your blog of the 'distressed'wood and the hinge. I love photographing things like that, and I'm aiming to get better!

  15. Thanks Gilly - I loved your other photos too.

    The free background is by 'Itkupilli' and I love it, this is the second of hers that I've used.

  16. Fabulous photos! I do miss living by the sea.....


  17. I do love your sea pictures - I need them as I live in the Midlands. Your paintings are marvelous too.

  18. isn't it wonderful what happens when we read the manuals~!?!~ when i mentioned to my daughter that i'd like to get a new camera she suggested i read my manual and discover everything my current camera can do first . . . guessing that i would probably uncover a few new tricks. lol
    the shot of the seagull came out beautifully as did the other shots of the sea and your painting is stunning~!!~
    glad you're computer is up and running and thank you for your recent visits to my blog. it's always so nice to read your generous comments.
    i myself have been behind in my responses and only have the busyness of life and the holiday season to blame . . . seems i'll be playing "catch-up" for a while i think~!~


  19. Jayne and Clare thank you, living by the sea means never feeling claustrophobic (in the way that I do) when caught between narrow valleys in the country or at the centre of a very large city, when each street leads to another street, then another .......

    Hi Libby, thanks for catching up. Good advice from your daughter! Of course, the holiday season - Thanksgiving is so important where you are, I know. My nephew is at college in the States and currently enjoying the hospitality of his friend's family in Arlington.

    Bye all, Lesley x

  20. I do love looking at your paintings - they're just stunning! One day Mr P and I plan to live by the sea. Until then I'll just have to content with my little visits here!

  21. Lovely photographs and stunning beach scenes and the way you magically capture them in your beautiful paintings. To be by the sea is always so inspiring.

  22. Emma and Milly, hello, hope you are both well - thanks for visiting and commenting.

  23. Hello Leslely - I really like your photos and your painting is super - found it hard to decide if it was painting or photo at first! I've just spent an enjoyable half hour quickly skimming your blog - lucky you to live in Cornwall - it's one of my favourite places in UK! Thanks for coming over to my blog and leading me here! Caroline

  24. Oops typo there - I meant Hello Lesley!!

  25. Hi Caroline - typos, we all make them, my most recent was to include an 'e' in quickly! Could do with some blue sky at the moment, as in your profile pic - it's been raining for days here and is forecast to rain for days to come!!! BFN. Lesley

  26. I absolutely love your beautiful painting which captures it all so brilliantly. x

  27. Thanks Pipany.

    I always like to take plenty of photographs of Porthmeor for painting purposes and have sadly lost all of the recent ones (except for the four included in this and the previous post) having had to perform yet another 'system restore' which brings the computer back to factory condition i.e. empty. On the plus side though, I was able to get back online - and blogging, really quickly!

    Lesley x

  28. Beautiful vision - as usual. Love the new painting in your header - love your shabby chic blog backgrounds - and the pictures, dreary though the weather may be, are lovely. A breath of fresh salty sea air you are Lesley!

  29. Cathie, I love this comment :0)thank you. And guess what? It didn't rain today, yipee!

  30. Hey Lesley, thanks for your comment. Your blog looks great, I'm going to have to work on mine when I've got a minute. You're at the perfect place for those cool beach paintings - and photo's. I usually just get the gull's tail feathers!
    See you soon,

  31. Hi Julian, thanks for visiting and commenting - I really like your blog too and will be popping by every 'whip and flip'! Best wishes. Lesley


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