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This is Annoying!!


Clear skies were forecast for tonight - so where has all this cloud come from?  There are layers of Stratus to be seen, layer over layer of thick, grey, cushiony cloud - something that's quite usual for August and that's why I don't normally look to see the Perseid Meteor Shower.   But having heard that clear skies were expected tonight, I had it all planned for the back garden, come 11 o'clock (it faces North West, apparently that's not a problem despite the shower coming from the East) - the lounger at the ready, the binocs to hand, a blanky and thoughts of hot chocolate and amazing celestial goings on, a heavenly light show...........I'll let you know if, by some miracle, the clouds disappear!

This image is not mine, it features onThe Vie magazine blog


  1. oooooooh YOU! I got so excited I thought that was your photograph and you got to see that beautiful meteor shower. North Carolina is pretty dark so a few times a year we get spectacular meteor shows. I do hope you got a peep at a spark or two!

  2. I'm annoyed too. I was hoping for the same as you

  3. Well you never know, I'm hoping

  4. I'm hoping too.......... fingers crossed!

  5. This was always a favourite treat in our younger days, lying out in a friends' garden after a barbecue and a bottle or two of wine - we saw lots of shooting stars!!

  6. Did you see any? After a day of thick cloud, the skies here had miraculously cleared by 11 p.m. and instead of going to bed I spent over an hour watching and saw quite a lot of meteors - very exciting as I have never seen so many before.

  7. Fooled you for a moment there, Cathie!!

    Amanda and Cathy, the sky didn't clear here - I'm hopeful that maybe tonight.....the show won't be as good but...

    Jill, that's the answer - I need to spend more time lying in the back garden drinking wine, he he.

    Caroline, lucky, lucky you - the sky didn't clear in this part of the world.

    Have a lovely weekend all of you. x

  8. I missed it totally, I never even heard of it! Hope you still enjoyed lounging around with your hot choccy

  9. So you never got your meteor shower. I have never seen one, but it is spectacular to imagine! \
    Life here has been very hectic as well, countless art shows and ART pieces that need finishing AND working on a new book.... never enough time! And then there are all those farm critters I have to look after...geez.

  10. Carolyn and Jeri - yes, I did get to see the meteor shower after all, the following night!!

    Thank you both for visiting. x


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