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Shooting stars on Friday!

  PERSEIDS PICTURES: Dazzling Meteor Shower Tonight

Perseids Meteor Shower, next instalment:  The cloudy skies persisted for a good part of Friday but miraculously cleared from around 6 pm, leading to a bright and clear evening and night - and as darkness fell I was lucky enough to find myself in an area with plenty of  open sky and very little light pollution, with good company, seating, warm clothes, a blanket and even a camp fire!

Just looking at the constellations and Milky Way in those conditions really was reward enough but there were shooting stars too - some so brief as to be just a suggestion of a flare caught by peripheral vision, others with a distinct tail and one or two providing a dramatic streak across the firmament.  I counted 10 during the course of the evening.

The icing on the cake though was the arrival of Jupiter (didn't know which planet at the time, only that it couldn't be Venus) as it appeared above some silhouetted buildings at around 11 pm in the Eastern sky, a big, bright, yellow globe, what a stunning sight!

PS Cathie if you're reading this, I didn't take this photo either!!! Credit goes to the National Geographic news website.


  1. Officially green with envy...our skies have that awful streetlight orange tinge...not very inspiring! Hope you made plenty of wishes! x;)

  2. Lucky you Lesley. We saw nothing where I am. I have seen quite a few meteor showers in the past though so I shouldn't complain. I mentioned to my brother the other night that when we were kids (living in generally the same area) we could see the Milky Way as clear as anything and now you need binoculars to be able to see it. Too much light pollution I guess.

  3. Magical experience, beautiful.x

  4. Another envious reader here. Lucky you to have had that experience. It was not a good night for us here..........

  5. So glad you got your view, too many clouds and too much light pollution here!

  6. I'm so glad you got to see the meteor shower in the end - we've had cloud ever since Friday so I consider myself lucky to have seen it on Thursday.

  7. I'm so envious...we had cloudy skies so didn't see anything!!

    Great photos

    C x

  8. Thanks everyone - I'm counting my lucky stars! x

  9. Sounds wonderful, glad you caught the sightings. I managed to see one shooting star.
    Your new abstracts are really interesting, bet they are impressive in real life.
    Thanks for your comments, always nice to read.
    best wishes Milly

  10. I saw your work in St. Ives Society of Artists Gallery today. Absolutely wonderful Lesley x

  11. Thanks Carolyn, much appreciated and I'm glad you like them. Am off to catch up on your latest posts now! x

  12. How lovely to live somewhere with no light pollution.......

  13. Oh you are SO lucky - it was cloudy where we were in N Yorks. The best year ever was in Northern France. It was perfectly clear. We lay on the grass and it was a spectacular show xxxx

  14. Gilly and Emma thanks. The weather is grim now though - wet and misty, so no chance of seeing anything this evening. Lesley x

  15. I wish I had seen them. But I forgot to go out and look! Doh!

  16. so pleased that you were able to enjoy the star show. i didn't manage to make it happen this year but i remember past year's when my daughter was in high school and we'd go out on the grass and watch them fall . . . thanks for reminding me; very good memories.


  17. nice post...happy to see you today at farmhouse, my friend


  18. Sue, Libby and Kary - thank you. There was a lovely, clear sky last night and a gleaming moon and Jupiter could be seen. x

  19. What a magnificent experience. It is a joy to witness just one falling star, let alone a sky all ablaze! Jeri

  20. Well done for spotting the rainy Porthgwidden on my blog, luckily it didn't stay that way for long and we had some beautiful weather that same day! Visited Art Space, so wonderful to see your work in the flesh, was pretty busy in there too, so hope the visitors are proving profitable for you
    Louise x

  21. Thanks Jeri - never ceases to be anything other than a magical experience!

    Louise, try and let me know in advance of your visit next time - delighted to have met bloggers Diane, Linda and Valerie this summer and it would be lovely to meet you too.


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