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Recent events and new original paintings

Some of you may remember a painting I completed back in March 2013 for the October raffle fundraiser at St Ives Society of Artists?  Well here's a pic which appeared in a recent edition of our independent, local weekly newspaper The St Ives Times & Echo of yours truly making the official 'live raffle draw' for 'Porthmeor Reflection', which was won by a lady from Chester.

Proceeds from the monthly raffle are in aid of the roof fund and much needed restoration of the Mariners Gallery.  Tickets are available now for the Christmas raffle prize painting by Paul Wadsworth

Copyright St Ives Times & Echo

When I visited Bath in July 2013 for the preview of the Bath Society of  Artists Open Exhibition author/critic/ artist Peter Davies was close to completing his book 'Bath Society of Artists A History' which has been published by St Ives Printing & Publishing Co.

The book charts the 109 year history of the Society and is richly illustrated, with many examples of artwork by former and current members, including 'West Bay Helicopter' by President David Inshaw RWA.

Also pictured is my painting  'Riverford Pears' sold when I exhibited at the Open for the first time in 2011.

Click to enlarge.  Copyright St Ives Printing & Publishing Co.

Back to St Ives Society of Artists and the 'Christmas Open Exhibition' curated by Portscatho based  painter Chris Insoll attracted an entry of over 200 artworks, resulting in an exciting and varied show with something for all artistic tastes.

The two framed paintings below are included in the show.  They're rendered in oil on gesso primed wood, (formerly the lid of a wine box which split into three pieces) which were great fun to paint on!  I'm hoping to submit the third painting, which is also framed, to a forthcoming exhibition to be held at Penwith Gallery.

'Porthmeor, the Long View'.  SOLD 

'North Coast Weather'.  SOLD

'Gowna, Pool and Sky Reflection'.  SOLD

Click to enlarge.  Copyright Lesley Ninnes.


  1. Nice to see another post from you Lesley. As always you manage to capture the sky and the sea so well.

    1. Thanks Valerie - sometime since the last post I know, now to catch up on visiting lovely blogs like yours! x

  2. A lovely new blog entry Lesley and its wonderful to see you so busy and spread so far!... good luck with it all x

  3. it seems that i have been missing your posts and it's been fun to catch back up. i've been spending a little bit less time on the internet in an effort to actually get more time for 'arting' around . . . pros and cons to that i guess.

    you are just lovely~! and now i have an image to go with all of your friendly work and words.

    it must have been exciting to have your pears included in this book and it looks like they are in some good company. i often wished that i lived somewhere where there was a group of artists to enjoy. i guess that is why i do enjoy the internet; i can form my own group of likeminded artistic spirits/souls to be inspired by. i'm glad that you are one of those talented people Leslie.

    your paintings always inspire me. you definitely have a talent for capturing the many 'moods' of the sea~!


    1. Glad that you've enjoyed catching up Libby, thanks for visiting. And of course, forming your own group of individuals with shared artistic interests via blogging is exactly what you have done and it's all good. Bye for now. x


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