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A Trio of Artists

Angela Garner, Lesley Ninnes and Jo Hamilton Jones present examples of recent work in a colourful and lively exhibition which opens on Sunday 31 July and runs until Saturday 6 August, 2011, at St Ives Arts Club, Wescotts Quay. 

Angela Garner, who moved to Cornwall in 1998 from Surrey, says.   “My paintings are about depth and colour for the viewer to meditate upon.  The viewer is invited to look into the layers of colour in my painting to the beyond to enable the mind to relax.  I am currently studying for a Fine Art Degree at Camborne College and am also a member of St Ives Arts Club.”

St Ives painter, Lesley Ninnes is a long time member of Art Space Gallery co-op.  “Living here brings an awareness of the elements, the movement and moods of the sea and challenging weather conditions – wild and exciting nature up close – a never ending source of inspiration.” Her artworks have twice been selected for exhibition in the annual ‘21st Century Watercolour’ competition at Bankside Gallery, London.  She has shown at Bristol Affordable Art Fair, Edinburgh Art Fair, The Northern Art Show and recently, at Bath Society of Arts Annual Open Exhibition.  Lesley is a member of St Ives Society of Artists and St Ives Arts Club, and an associate member of Penwith Society of Arts.

Jo Hamilton-Jones moved to Cornwall in 2004.  She has recently graduated from Camborne College with a Foundation Degree in Fine Art Practice and has just accepted a place at Falmouth University on the BA Fine Art Degree course.  Jo describes her current work as being concerned with ‘the visible and the invisible’.  “I state what my artwork is, in the form of chemical compositions and pigments. I layer the words into the paintings leaving them hidden but still visible in certain light and from certain angles so that the viewer may find them if they wish. I also aim to please the viewer in an aesthetic manner by presenting colour that may be seen to be beautiful in its own right. I work intuitively, with materials that please me, such as oil paint, resin and acetate.”

Open daily from 10.30 am – 5 pm, the show includes original paintings, sculpture, contemporary jewellery, prints and cards – and admission is free. 


  1. It would be really great to be able to pop in - hope it goes well.

  2. And it would be great to see you Jill! Thanks for visiting. x

  3. I liked that blue swirl by Jo Hamilton, at first, but then it began to look like a sinister tunnel, and I didn't like it any more, and yet I did!

    Says more about me than the picture, I think!!

  4. Maybe Gilly, he he - thanks for commenting anyway though. Have a good week. Lesley x

  5. Amazing colours on all these three pieces of work.... wishing you all every success!

  6. Thanks Cathy - everything was looking good at the preview. x

  7. I can see you are still busy with your lovely sea paintings. The beach were you were surfing looked gorgeous. Hope you are enjoying summer.
    Always nice to find your comments, thank you.

  8. Stephen Waterstram13 February 2012 at 12:45

    "Blue Swirl" resembles a Star Trek wormhole, I like it though.


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