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Surfing fun!

The Sunday before last was a real scorcher in this part of the world, spurring my sister and I to head to the beach in the early evening (having been busy in the daytime).  She's on the left in this photo, which was taken by her partner - we're not saluting him - the sun was still  dazzling at 6 pm.

I'm holding the wooden surf board that I first used from about the age of 10 - it's a bit scratched and beaten up but still works a treat! 

Wetsuits are essential - the days of braving UK sea temperatures without adequate insulation being long gone. In fact, prior to buying the wetsuit (and boots) I hadn't ventured into the sea for years - what a worthwhile investment that particular purchase has been, a real 'passport to fun'.

Conditions were lovely - nice breakers, with a gentle off shore breeze to lift spray from the waves, and not a cloud to be seen.  We're on Gwithian beach on the other side of St Ives Bay, with Godrevy Lighthouse in the distance.

Looking in the other direction, cliffs fringe the beach.

A tranquil evening, with colours deepening as the day shortens.

Just before we left, coming up to 9 pm and still beautiful.

Click to enlarge.

This Sunday was hot and sunny again which saw me in the sea at Porthmeor, the surf beach in St Ives that faces into the Atlantic.  The waves were great, with plenty of force, though the water was much colder.  The sand is coarser too, pulverised shell and rock fragments are easily seen - I suppose that Gwithian is so much warmer owing to being on the inner curve of a shallow bay allowing the water to lose its chilly edge and the sand making process to become more refined?

Have a good weekend everyone - hope that it's sunny where you are. x


  1. Looks beautiful and great fun!

  2. It's a lovely spot Jan - plenty of open space and beauty! x

  3. hhmmmm . . . Gwithian . . . love the sound of that. and your photos are lovely. it's interesting as i think you see through the lens of your camera very much like the style of your paintings . . .
    good to see you having fun~!


  4. Gwithian beach is my favourite in the world, it's about 5 years since I was last there. Thanks for the pics.
    T x

  5. That's OK Tracey - thanks for visiting. Lesley x

  6. Fantastic photos Lesley, you've captured the the special Cornish atmosphere perfectly. I could look at these for hours. Love the wetsuit ;o)

  7. Ha ha, yes the wetsuit has been a godsend, without which I wouldn't even venture into the sea in this part of the world! The water at Gwithian is definitely warmer than at Porthmeor! Thanks for visiting Carolyn. x

  8. Why you little surfer you! My son is a huge surfing fan, he has done it all over the world, but never in your area. I bet he would love it there.

  9. I expect he would Jeri, but the water is probably much colder than he's used to! Thanks for visiting. x

  10. I was probably down there at the same time, with hubby! We went further up past the Red River though. It was glorious wasn't it.
    Love the vintage bellyboard and that you've had it for so long. I so wish I'd been introduced to surfing at a young age. I'll keep an eye open for know what my board looks like! LOL! (but it's a johnny-come-lately whippersnapper, compared to yours)

  11. Looking forward to seeing your lovely board up close, Sue. x

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