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A Giveaway - at long last!

There should have been a giveaway to mark reaching 100 posts - but there wasn't.  There should have been a giveaway to mark the first year bloggiversary of Sea Blue Sky Abstracts - that didn't happen either!  The intention was there but the moment(s) passed -  so here at last is a Giveaway!  The prize is two mounted prints of my original artwork.  Both prints will go to one winner - that way they can be placed 'face to face' and posted anywhere in the World if necessary, with minimum risk of damage.  Click pics to enlarge.

'Laid Up' image size 19 x 19 cm, mount dimensions 33 x 33 cm.  Printed with Epson Durabrite inks on Epson Heavy Duty Matte paper.

'Riverford Pears' image size 18.5 x 18.5 cm, mount dimensions 32.5 x 32.5 cm.  Printed with Epson Durabrite inks on Epson Heavyweight Matte paper.

Click here to view shots of the original Riverford Pears painting on this blog.

The giveaway is open to everyone; regular readers, lurkers, visitors from other sites, anyone with a Google account in fact (if you don't have one, it's free to sign up).  All you have to do is to visit my other blog Picture from St Ives and leave a comment on the Home or Paintings for Sale page and you will be included!  Closing date is Thursday 23 December at 8 pm GMT.

We travelled 'out West' today, taking the coast road from St Ives to Sennen - the photo above looking towards Land's End and the Longships was taken at around 4 pm.  The weather had been about as glorious as it's possible to be at this time of the year, but we had lingered over lunch at the Old Success Inn down in the Cove, unable to leave the welcoming log fire and cosy festive surroundings for the lower temperatures outdoors any sooner.  The pub offers a fairly wide menu of both hot and cold dishes and has a nice programme of events organised for Christmas and New Year.  Accommodation, with wonderful views over rugged and beautiful Sennen Cove, is available for those who want to enjoy a few days 'away from it all'.

The little harbour and slipway, with the Brisons and Cape Cornwall visible on the horizon.

The pair of black timber buildings are holiday chalets - what a lovely setting.

From higher ground, during the journey over, the Isles of Scilly could be seen clearly outlined on the horizon, at approximately 40 miles distant.

Click to enlarge.  Copyright Lesley Ninnes.


  1. Okay, I was the first to sign up!

  2. Fab photos and lovely giveaway. :-) I was second to sign up. LOL Runner up... xo

  3. Wow these are beautiful photographs of somewhere I'd love to visit. Super prints too x

  4. oh...toss my name in the hat too...happy to see you at farmhouse today, my friend


  5., me, me!!!
    I'd love to have those on my whitewashed walls, they'd look stunning!!
    Those photos were lovely...I remember taking part in gig rowing comp. in that bay...and enjoying many an evening in the bar!!
    Take care

  6. I just love your work - put my name down too!

  7. I've signed up! And those photos of the harbour are lovely. I'd love to go there sometime.

    And that windowsill behind your pictures - is that a deep sill with room for all sorts of flowers,, items, etc.? Can I have that as well??

  8. land's End is a place I have always wanted to visit. The photographs are a really nice snapshot of what I can expect when I do make it.
    What a great give away, I am off to enter.

  9. Gorgeous work as always Lesley. The prints are wonderful with your trademark bluey green. I visited Sennen briefly during my Cornish holiday three years ago. Loved the place although the weather was a lot warmer than you have had recently. You are so lucky to have places like that within reach of you. Have a great week and keep warm.

  10. Beautiful photos of Sennen ... I do like visiting when I can. Gorgeous giveaway Lesley. Are you working Wednesday? Thinking of popping in with a teeny something for you. You can let me have the card anytime. bye for now and hope to see you soon. love from me xxxx

  11. Thanks everyone - I want you all to win!!! x

  12. I love Sennen Cove - it has a very old fashioned 1950's feel - and the lady who had the Fish n Chip shop was from Rotherham!! We were excited to discover a proper shipwreck once when we went - The SS Mullheim. Thanks for taking me along on your visit.

  13. Cornwall is beautiful at anytime of year. I love Cape Cornwall even in bad weather. Thanks for your photos.


  14. Fabulous photograohs as usual Lesley, the sun on the cliffs is stunning. Just nipping across for the give-away, thanks for reminder.

  15. Beautiful photographs Lesley, I love the sea and sky shot. I am over to your other blog now.

  16. What a lovely part of the world you live in. A fantastic give away, but count me out .... I have just won some beautiful vintage Christmas Tree Baubles so would love someone else to win these beautiful pieces of your work. :O))))

  17. Thanks for letting me know about your lovely giveaway!


  18. Lovely give away...calming...very nice colors...:)))

  19. Jayne and Fruenswerk - thanks, lovely to see you here. x

  20. toss my name in the hat too!

    Sennen Cove is one of my favourite places


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