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This beautiful pen & ink drawing is entitled 'Nuthatch' and is the work of talented Cathy at One Pink Goose. Click to enlarge to appreciate the detail and amount of work that has gone into this exquisite piece of work. I love everything about it, from the intricacy of composition and subtlety of contrasting tones to the range of marks used and subject matter. I will treasure this work of art always, thank you so much, Cathy. x

Copyright Cathy Connolley.


  1. Ooohh that is gorgeous! I shall click now go click on her link :-)

    C x

  2. That's beautiful. I love the detail.

  3. Breathtaking in its detail. Lucky you, Lesley.

  4. Valerie, Carol, Karen and Cathy, I knew you would all agree, thanks. x

  5. wow....stunning...

    thanks for stopping by good to see you...


  6. Hi Lesley,
    I was showing your sea paintings to my sister, she just had a week at St. Ives.

    Beautiful drawing, love the detail.

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments Lesley, and everyone else as well. I am so pleased you like it. I will post about my part of our swap at the weekend.

  8. Oh goodness! Cathy's work is gorgeous. I love this too!

    Have a beautiful weekend Lesley x

  9. Hello Lesley. That is such a beautiful and delicate drawing. Such a lovely thing to see every day x

  10. Thank you - I really must catch up and visit you all. Bye for now, Lesley x

  11. What a beautiful piece of work - stunning. xxx

  12. I love Cathy's work and visit her blog regularly, she's very talented x

  13. Diane and Noelle - thanks, I'm still absolutely thrilled! x

  14. exquisite indeed~!!~
    absolutely fantastic detail in her work and i think i'll pop over and check out her site to see more~!!~


  15. Very very good!!
    All the detail is fantastic!

  16. Thanks for visiting greenman - to see more of Cathy's work click 'One Pink Goose' in the text of this blog.


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