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Small Square Seascape

This little oil painting on board, which measures 12.5 x 12.5 cm, is a typical example of those that I frame and sell at Art Space Gallery  and usually display on Picture from St Ives

Although it may seem surprising, this little picture is the result of many hours of work:  starting with a sketchy idea and then allowing the subject to expand and evolve, not really knowing at first whether the sky will be grey or blue or the sea choppy or calm - whether there will even be rocks.  Perhaps the fact that the outcome is unpredictable is what makes these paintings so interesting and fun to do? 

'St Ives Bay & Godrevy'.  SOLD

Click to enlarge.  Copyright Lesley Ninnes.

Have a good weekend everyone. x


  1. its beautiful, your right what looks the simplist is often very hard to do!

    1. Thanks Lyn - will pop around and visit your blog in the next day or so. Lesley x

  2. "allowing the subject to expand and evolve". that's exactly how i approach my artwork as well. it feels as though the piece 'speaks' to you . . .
    love this one Lesley~!

    1. Thanks Libby - and that's why we remain enthusiastic. x

  3. Yes, I am sure it does involve hours of work. And those little surprise outcomes are so rewarding. I could never get the hang of oil painting or acrylics., so I really admire those who do so well with them. Your water is always superb... you know it so well.

    1. Thank you Jeri.

      And of course, there is no way that I could ever 'do what you what you do' - the whole story, having the imagination to visualise the characters and then to bring them to life!

      Have a good week. Lesley x

  4. Well the result is beautiful! thanks for your kind words, I'm looking forward to starting my course...x

  5. Oh, I love that , Lesley! Would love to hang it on my wall. its so sunny!

  6. Glad you like it Gilly. It's sunny here at the moment too, though the wind is cold. Lesley x

  7. I can well believe that your work takes many hours, interesting to learn how it evolves too.

    1. Hi Valerie, there are so many ways in which to tackle a subject, don't you find? And that's always fascinating to me. Lesley x


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