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More Mallorca Sun

A new year, 2012 - still winter in this part of the world of course, so I think it's a good idea to recapture some lovely Mallorcan sunshine!

This post continues the day trip to Soller - busy narrow streets ........

Aboard the tram for the short downhill trip to Port Soller.

The journey

Beautiful Port Soller viewed from the road to the lighthouse.  We didn't make the lighthouse as conditions were just too hot for anything so arduous as a lengthy uphill climb!

Once the photos were taken, we headed back down to the beach and immersed ourselves in the welcoming sea.

Happy New Year everyone. x

Click pics to enlarge.  Copyright Lesley Ninnes.


  1. Here there are the long awaited Mallorcan photos to cheer us up on this cold and blustery night ... isn't the wind howling tonight ... I wouldn't want to be out at sea tonight. Lovely, lovely photos Lesley ... see you soon x

  2. Happy New Year to you Lesley - enjoy that sun.

  3. Thanks Carolyn, yes what a wind - my garden fence has developed an unhealthy list to starboard!! Bye for now. x

    Hi Jill, best wishes for health and happiness in 2012. x

  4. Oh it looks lovely...*goes off in a wee dream about sunnier days*

    C x

  5. Beautiful isn't it.... I really could have stayed for longer!!

    Have just returned from a bracing walk along Porthmeor Beach and around The Island (St Ives Head), pushed along by gale force winds. The sights were equally spectacular, albeit in a different way - a continuous manifestation of nature's energy and power. x

  6. Well timed Lesley - I can feel the sun on my face! xxxxx

  7. Happy New Year Lesley.
    thank you for the information about the trigger fish, interesting as it is new to us, never even heard of one before.
    Oh it is lovely to see your holiday photographs and blue sky and sunshine. It is blowing a gale here, sounds like the roof is coming off, wind bittery cold.
    Hope you have a good 2012.
    Best wishes, millyx

  8. Happy New Year!! Wishing you all the best! What gorgeous pics. Love you xmas cards too!!

  9. I loved Soller and the trams! And your lovely photos brought it all back. And that sun made me feel warm for a few minutes!

    Its years since we went there, and yet as soon as I saw your photos it felt like yesterday!

  10. So pleased to know that the photos have given pleasure Gilly - I would go back like a shot! Will post more photos soon. x

  11. wonderful trip it must have been and such beautiful BLUE water~!!~


  12. Libby, it was a wonderful trip - and the water was lovely. x

  13. Lesley, That must have been a wonderful trip. Quite a different sea than the one you are used to in Cornwall. It's been a long time since I have seen any ocean at all. It must be a lovely life by the sea!

  14. Hi Jeri, yes, life beside the sea is lovely - never like to be too far away from it. x


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