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Room to Breathe

Source of endless fascination - how many times have I photographed the sky to the West from the back garden?  Light, shade, high contrast and movement.  This dramatic and beautiful skyscape will reappear in a small seascape later on no doubt!

The above photo was taken yesterday afternoon - excuse the sloping horizon, there was a strong, unrelenting wind blowing - but what a spectacle, being in the midst of so much openness and space is such a buzz.  Click to enlarge.


  1. Such beauty - in light and darkness.
    I have to agree with you Lesley - there is something quite special about being surrounded by vastness. Beautiful photography.
    What body of water is that? The Atlantic?

  2. Hi Cathie

    Yes, it's the Atlantic.

    Looking to the right of the photo is North, with nearest landfall being the South coast of Eire.

    On the left (imagine swivelling your viewpoint a little further in that direction) is West with absolutely nothing but vast sea until the Island of Newfoundland!

  3. hi lesley...i LOVE seeing your photographs....just beautiful

    happy to stop by today and happy to see you at Farmhouse Kitchen...always good to see a friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  4. You are so lucky to live down in Cornwall near the sea Lesley. Your first photo shows a magnificent storm by the looks of it. I love the sea when it is wild and moody even more than when it is calm and blue.

  5. Kary and Cathy, lovely to hear from you both. x

  6. What a view! I wish I lived there and could look out at that sea and sky every day ...

    Pomona x

  7. Yes, it's wonderful. Where you live looks lovely too, Pomona. Have a good week. Lesley x

  8. happy to stop by today, my friend

    yes...baking a cake today :-)


  9. I do love wide open spaces too! Invigorating, but somehow calming too! (I think it depends on the wind)

    I have one of your seascapes which you sent me as a card, it stands near my computer and is just so calming when I look at it. I can hear the sea and the waves, and its just wonderful!

  10. beautiful shots Leslie~!~

    the other day i was watching the clouds out the window and due to lots of unsettled weather the clouds were just racing . . . quite fascinating to watch.


  11. Kary, Gilly and Libby - being part of it all, in touch with nature, is what it's all about. Have a lovely, restful Sunday. Lesley x

  12. I am walking there in spirit!

  13. Of course you are Valerie - not so long since your previous visit is it really? Sunny with a very brisk wind today; spectacular surf at Porthmeor as a result. x

  14. Yes, have to agree your photos are beautiful and so very peaceful. What a beautiful outlook Lesley. Looking forward to next week. Lots of love xx

  15. Mother Nature is a wonderful artist..... beautiful pics of a stunning area, one day I will visit!
    Thanks for stopping by my erratic, neglected blog Lesley, normal service will resume eventually.... and yes, I AM the next Mrs Joel, lol :) x

  16. Lovely to hear from you both, Carolyn and Anne. Best wishes for a good weekend, Lesley x

  17. Wonderful Photographs, lovely views and even better if you capture them in a painting. Hasn't the weather been strange, it is stormy here, more like winter with a howling wind blowing off the sea.
    Hope you have a good weekend. millyx

  18. just had such a job trying to post a comment...hope you got it.

  19. Both comments have come through - thanks Milly. It's very cold - and windy, here too, not like May! x


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