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Warmth of the sun and a partial thaw!

Sunrise and clear skies caused the snow to start to thaw this morning for a while, but what is left is frozen hard and treacherous underfoot and the stiff North East wind makes it feel very, very cold!

A lovely pink light.

My neighbour's clothes line and pole below - beyond is the top rugby field, with flood light and dugout visible.

A very different scene from what was recorded yesterday at around the same time.

Click to enlarge.  Copyright Lesley Ninnes.


  1. Hi Lesley. Lovely photos. I cannot believe you have snow in Cornwall again this year. What is happening to global warming? We have quite a bit here in Bucks too. The weather is so chilly at the moment that I am avoiding going out where possible. Lazy I know. Love the artworks on display. They all have your St. Ives trademark hint of turquoise. I hope they are selling well. Sorry to hear about blogger playing up too. I often have problems myself and have to write mine in IE as Firefox won't let me upload photos. Very strange. Blogger has a mind of its own and I often think about changing to one of the other ones. The fact that you cannot replace or move photos around is very limiting. Anyway, enough moaning. Have a great week.

  2. I love snow, but I have to say I find it a real bind in Cornwall, we live on a hill and it's impossible to get in or out of the drive!! However, it's so beautiful and inspiring to look at x

  3. What will happen to all those palm trees I wonder?

  4. It is always a magic moment when you open the curtains and the world is white - just before reality kicks in.
    Beautiful light

  5. Hi Lesley - that is a lovely light. I bet you are all making the most of the snow down there. xxxx

  6. Thank you all for popping by.

    Cathy, fingers crossed, uploading pics with blogger is straightforward now - I also found that right clicking the mouse and then clicking refresh cleared images already used in the upload box so that I could upload another without difficulty! x

    Karen I sympathise, the pavements here are like ice rinks, really treacherous. x

    Severe conditions have killed the palms in the past Valerie, although new growth often occurs at the base of the trunk, leading to eventual recovery. x

    Snow on the ground and snow falling looks lovely I agree - before, as you say Jill 'reality kicks in.' x

    Diane, children make the most of snow, but Cornwall usually comes to a standstill when the white stuff appears. x

    Keep warm and toasty everyone. Lesley

  7. Oh! Look at that beautiful pinkish light. I've been enjoying the odd flash of yellow light too in recent days - they make the berries in the hedgerows light up like little lanterns.

  8. Hi Emma, how are you? Yes, the light can be stunning at this time of year. x

  9. You certainly have got a lot of snow! Does it look warmer in cornwall than Cheshire, I wonder?? ;)

    I saw a lovely progrmame on Artists (Mainly Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson in St. Ives. The photography was astoundingly good, the cameraman seemed to film so that the beach, cliffs, whatever, looked very similar to paintings of St. Ives, particularly Nicholson's in the war years. I don't know how he did it, but St. Ives looked such a lovely place! I kept saying to Mr.G "Why haven't we been there???"

  10. Hello Gilly

    St Ives certainly looks warmer now - temperatures rose yesterday resulting in a complete thaw overnight!

    I saw the same film and thoroughly enjoyed it and agree that the photography was really good with some very interesting archive footage included too.

    Keep cosy. x


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