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Back from the framers

Pictured are six of my small paintings all newly framed ready to be transported to Yorkshire - along with a similar number coming from colleagues at Art Space (hope to post pics of their work on the Art Space blog soon) for exhibition at the Clare White Gallery, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley from 12 June - 31 July 2009.
Just need to get them labelled, measured and wrapped and they're ready to go!
We have had the most glorious day here in St Ives, the colours of the sand and sea just amazing. Steve McIntosh's St Ives blog entry includes a short video of a very peaceful view of St Ives bay yesterday evening, click here to see it.
The sun's starting to set now but it's still lovely - could be fine weather for the bank holiday weekend!


  1. Your paintings look lovely all framed and ready to go to your show. Glad you are having nice weather. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you both - after a greyish start Saturday soon turned sunny. Porthmeor beach was soon full of delighted sun seekers!

  3. hi Lesley~!!~

    was just getting ready to post on my blog and noticed your comment. so happy to see new visitors, especially when they have such kind words about my photography~!~

    anyway, i thought i would pop over here to see what wonderful inspiration you had to offer and i am so glad that i did~!!!~ what a beautiful blog and these freshly framed paintings are wonderful~!!~i think one of the very best things about blogworld is that i can meet such talanted artists such as yourself and enjoy work that i would otherwise never get to see~!!~as an artist who lives in an extremely isolated area with not much to offer when it comes to the arts, this is an amazing thing for me~!!~

    so, i will go back to finishing my post and hope to come and visit you again very soon. feel free to do the same~!


  4. Hi Libby, will do - thanks also for your lovely comments.

  5. Hi Lesley - here is me paying a return visit - love your paintings. Pop over and look at Denise Burden's blog if you have time - she is a friend and also a painter - I always like to put painters in touch with each other. Call again - you are always welcome.

  6. Thanks for popping over and commenting - don't ask me how I found her?! it's a blur of blog links - but am already a follower of Denise's blog.

  7. Hello, your framed works look wonderful!
    Would love to see your paintings in the flesh. I live in North Yorkshire so I'm going to look on the map to see where the gallery is.

  8. Thanks Denise - have you clicked the link to the Clare White Gallery? Email Andy (the owner, he runs it with his wife) and he'll provide you with directions and an invitation to the exhibition preview, which takes place on 13 June. Hope you manage to visit, let me know how you get on. BFN.

  9. Beautiful blog (and paintings), Lesley!


  10. Thanks Janelle - I'm so pleased to have come across the wonderful world of blogging, there's so much talent to see, humour and friendship - and geographical distance is no barrier. BFN.

  11. They look great, I'm really liking white frames too at the moment.
    Also, beautiful photographs, make me want to go straight to the seaside, very envious of your St Ives location.

  12. hey lovely work!....i love the simple white frames!...thanx for your comment on my blog!:)

  13. Dee and Aiman, thanks, framing can be a nightmare, so white equals playing safe!


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